“Your clothes are so ugly”,


Or “you’ve worn that before”. Um okay sorry for not being able to go shopping all the fucking time for new, cute, expensive clothes and accessories and shit. Sorry for not having a whole lot of money in my pocket or wallet. Sorry for choosing to spend my money more wisely on things I need instead of new clothes. Sorry for not having a cuteass wardrobe like you. Sorry that you’ve already seen me in this t-shirt like last week or some shit. Lol cut me some slack.

a dramatic re-enactment of my thoughts while showering

me: that's not quite hot enough let me just turn it up to boiling lava.
me: yes good i shall bathe in the waters of mordor.
me: why do we have like 25 different kinds of shampoo?
me: i'ma read the back of this.
me: lather, rinse, repeat?
me: why do i have to repeat is your product so shitty it didn't work the first time?
me: hold the fuck up i have to write fanfic in my head real quick.
me: if water is a renewable resource does that mean every celebrity i've ever loved has showered in this same water before?
me: eheheheheheheheheheh.
me: but you didn't have to cUT ME OFF.
me: did i already wash my hair?
me: i think i did but i don't remember.
me: i'ma do it again.
me: well played, pantene pro-v.
me: i wonder what it's like to have sex in the shower.
me: i bet it's awkward.
me: i bet a lot of injuries happen that way.
me: okay time to get out.
me: where the fuck is my towel.

my day care, my mom had gotten a teacher fired for abusing the kids in daycare 0-0


Sometimes when I’m feeling down I look up Bob Ross videos on YouTube.

Mahal Kita: You hate yourself, don’t you? You hate how your face looks. You hate...


You hate yourself, don’t you? You hate how your face looks. You hate your nose, your eyes, your ears, your eyebrows, your lips.. You hate your arms, your hands, your body. You hate how big your thighs are and you hate your calves. You hate your feet, your toes. Your fingernails. You hate your…

Want her to start liking you?

Make her laugh. Girls love a sense of humor, and will fall for you even faster if you can relate to her humor as well. There are things you need to be serious about, naturally, but tease her. Joke around with her. Pick on her, then suck up to her right after. Shower her in hugs and kisses and overwhelm her with cuteness, because she’s looking for a guy that can make her laugh and smile in a generation where guys just upset her or make her sad.

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